…and Introducing Jackie Mathers

Thank you for the kind comments after last week’s blog – and thank you for the welcome you’ve given both Julia and Jackie. Although after the first half on Monday the comment about me having more time to watch Newcastle will almost certainly be deleted…

This week it’s Jackie’s turn to step into the spotlight, introduce herself and outline what she’ll bring to TAB York and its members.

You’ve known Ed more or less since TAB York started, Jackie. Why join Ed now?

I have. Ed started running TAB Boards at York St John University – I was Dean of the Business School at the time – almost from the word go. So I’ve come to know him really well over the last three years. I thought I’d come to know and understand TAB as well, but it wasn’t until I was re-assessing my own work/life balance that I really appreciated what it offered.

In what way?

OK, here’s a very simple example. My son is 16 – that’s an important age. He may not want me around too much at that age, but I want to be there. This time next year he’ll be applying to universities and then I’ll be loading the car with pots and pans and shampoo and delivering him to a hall of residence. So right now I’d like to watch him play rugby. Not that the role of tight-head prop is hugely glamorous…

No, but it’s a real man’s position. Other than work/life balance, what else attracted you to TAB?

That’s very easy to answer. Values. Integrity. The chance to develop personally. And the challenge – and rewards – of helping people. I’m looking forward to it enormously.

Dean of the Business School in your previous life: I can’t imagine a TAB Board will give you too many problems if you’ve been used to managing academics…

Yes, managing academics does have its own particular challenges… But I do think a lot of the knowledge and experience I gained at the University will prove really valuable to TAB members.

So what qualities are you looking for in your own Board members?

Another easy one to answer. Ambition, integrity, business experience and a willingness to share it. A determination to succeed and – as Julia said last week – a sense of humour.

What do you feel you can offer in return?

Number one, I’m determined that my Boards are going to be successful – and I define that as everyone on the Board getting what they want and need from it. I’ve a lot of experience in bringing diverse teams together and getting results and that’s the sort of expertise I’m aiming to bring to TAB. I hope I’m one of those people that can see the big picture and the detail needed to make it work. Other qualities? Determination, focus, integrity – what you’d expect from someone working with Ed.

…Which takes us on to the question Julia was so careful with last week: what can you contribute to TAB York that Ed can’t?

At the risk of being accused of spending too much time with politicians, I don’t think it’s a question of individual qualities, so much as what the team as a whole can offer. I’m genuinely excited at what we can deliver. Between the three of us there’s some serious expertise – add that to ‘the collective wisdom of the Board’ and it’s a very powerful combination.

Next week the blog will be back in its normal format but for now I can only echo the comments of Jackie and Julia. I’m genuinely excited at what they bring to TAB York and at what the team can offer members and potential members. We’re absolutely committed to helping you build your business and – as Jackie said – making sure you have your work/life balance exactly where it should be.

And as always, have a great weekend…



  1. Sarah Shafi · October 4, 2013

    Bravo Ed for such an incredible acquisition as Jackie! Having had the privilege of previously working with Jackie over the years, I can honestly say she is one of THE smartest, most outstanding, capable and wonderful individuals I have ever met. It’s such an understated rare talent to be a big picture visionary yet have your eye very firmly on the small print at the same time. To have that asset alone in TAB is huge…and then there’s all the other amazing things Jackie can bring…A real score there! Good luck to you all.

  2. simonjhudson · October 4, 2013

    Exciting times. Welcome Jackie. I look forward to working with the greater (not simply enlarged) TAB York team.

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