Ed’s Christmas Blog

Four days to go until Christmas and I find myself writing about insurance policies. You know what? The best insurance policy you’ll ever have is the one you take out when you’re eight or nine years old. My eldest son Dan is filling in the proposal form right now.

Going all round the world in one night. It’s not possible. When it snowed my Dad said it took three hours to get home from York. So how can he go to Africa and China and New Zealand? And to our house? But there’s loads of things I want. And my Dad can’t buy them ’cos all he does is drink coffee and talk to people. So if I stop believing in Father Christmas where are my presents going to come from? So I do believe in Father Christmas. Definitely. And I’ll worry about how he does it next year…

Like I said last week, you’ve better things to do than read my blog. But bear with me while I say five words. Thank you – and Happy Christmas.

First of all, thank you. I’ve been writing the blog for six months now and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it – but what’s made the blog special has been your involvement. The comments and replies to the various blogs have been entertaining, instructive, uplifting – and funny. It’s a very special readership that replies to a serious blog on motivational quotations with snippets from those two giants of the business world, Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan.

Hopefully everyone that’s read the blogs – either first–hand or re-tweeted – has gained something. And if there are any subjects you’d like me to tackle next year – or that you think would be beneficial to other people – then let me know.

Most importantly though, Happy Christmas – and may the New Year bring everything you wish for and a great deal more. A year ago I’d never chaired an Alternative Board meeting. Now I find myself with friends who’ll last a lifetime and members who inspire me every time I talk to them.

So have a truly great Christmas and New Year. I’m now going to award my two typing fingers a bit of time off, and the blog will return on Friday January 7th ready for what I’m certain will be a momentous year. And now I must do something completely crucial. Find the corkscrew…



  1. Rich Cadden · December 20, 2010

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too Ed,

    Rich – Star Performance Mind Coaching

  2. Jo Clarkson · December 21, 2010

    And the same to you Ed – here’s to a great 2011 for you and all your members.
    And hope you found the corkscrew…..!

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